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# Friday, May 30, 2008

John Lam has an interesting announcement about the current state of IronRuby:

"IronRuby dispatched some simple requests through an unmodified copy of Rails a few days ago. Today, we’re going to show off our progress live at RailsConf. This is an important milestone for IronRuby; it’s our ‘ticket to entry’ to the world of alternative Ruby implementations."

This shows the IronRuby team and Microsoft are serious about making the IronRuby implementation a real implementation, that follows the standards and that is capable of running real Ruby programs. It's especially great to see that compatibility is considered more important, than performance at this time.

All other great things about IronRuby are still true:

"IronRuby doesn’t just let you run Rails; it lets you interact with the rich set of libraries provided by .NET. You’ll be able to use IronRuby to build server-based applications that run on top of ASP.NET or ASP.NET MVC. You’ll be able to use IronRuby to build client applications that run on top of WPF or Silverlight. You’ll be able to use IronRuby to test, build and deploy your .NET applications. You’ll be able to run Ruby code in your web browser and have it talk to your Ruby code on your web server. That’s a feature that we feel that many folks will enjoy."

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