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# Thursday, July 17, 2008

Understanding Windows Cardspace This book (Understanding Windows CardSpace by Vittorio Bertocci, Garrett Serack and Caleb Baker) is not a guide how to implement Windows CardSpace in your website or webservice, but this book helps you understand the reasoning behind Windows CardSpace and how it fits in the Identity Metasystem. As such it is a much better book, than a book which just explains how to add a widget to your website to authenticate users, could ever be.

The parts of the book follow a logical structure. Part 1 discusses the problems we face on the Internet: identity theft, phishing and others and a technology independent solution is proposed. Finally in part 2 CardSpace is introduced and the implementation of CardSpace (both managed and self-issued) in websites and webservices is discussed. Part 3 shows the practical and business considerations when working with the Identity Metasystem and Windows CardSpace.

Even if you're a regular reader of Vittorio's blog, and are familiar with the Seven Laws of Identity, this book still has value. If you're not familiar with one or the other, you really should read this book, since it's the first book which really made me understand the problems we face on the Internet today with respect to identity and why and how Windows CardSpace provides a solution.

With the release of Zermatt this book really has proven it's value: Zermatt makes it much easier to implement a Security Token Service and a Relying Party, but it won't help you understand the concepts behind them or why you need to implement them (or not).

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